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Alabama Drug Abuse & Alcoholism

Illegal drugs in Alabama that are a major concern include marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. Alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs and other illicit drugs are also a cause for concern. The use of illegal drugs in Alabama is widespread and the local manufacturing of methamphetamine, designer drugs and homegrown marijuana has increased.

Many drugs are trafficked into Alabama by Mexican, Colombian, and Caribbean Drug Trafficking Groups as well as regional and local criminal organizations. Some of the drugs that are causing concern in Alabama are cocaine, heroin, meth, club drugs, marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs.

Treatment Programs and Facilities for alcohol, illegal substances, prescription drugs, tobacco and gambling are available throughout Alabama for adolescents, teens, young and older adults. There are a variety of treatment options depending on the individual's needs.

Prevention Programs in Alabama are designed to prevent substance use and abuse among young people and adults. Alabama's community treatment program and six offices make up the Division of Substance Abuse Services. These offices include; Office of Advocacy and Recovery Support, Office of Contracts and Reimbursement, Office of Certification and Training, Office of Information Technology, Office of Prevention and Office of Treatment and Recovery Services.

Alabama Meth Abuse on the Rise

Methamphetamines are one of the biggest drug threats in Alabama. Meth labs are usually located in isolated rural communities. Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations also illegally traffic in methamphetamine into the state in various ways. There has been a substantial decrease though as a result of the restriction of pseudoephedrine sales. As in all states, methamphetamine dependency affects young people and adults and there are many people in Alabama in need of treatment for their addiction to meth.

Heroin Addiction in Alabama

Heroin is a problem in Alabama but in the past few years not as significant as it was in the past. Most of the heroin in Alabama comes into their state from Jamaica and New York. The heroin that's found in Alabama is increasing and the prices on the streets are dropping. As with any addictive substance with regular use heroin tolerance can develop and if use is continued, the user becomes addicted to the drug. Alabama has substance abuse facilities throughout their state offering help and treatment for people of all ages suffering from heroin addiction.

Alabama Cocaine Addiction & Recovery

Cocaine is an illegal drug that also poses a threat in Alabama. Cocaine and crack cocaine are powerfully addictive and cause many problems including violence associated with cocaine trafficking especially in lower income neighborhoods. Most of the Cocaine in Alabama is supplied through Mexican sources in the bordering states. The risk of relapse is very high for people who are dependent on cocaine and professional treatment is sometimes necessary for many people in need of recovery.

Marijuana Abuse in Alabama

Marijuana is the preferred drug in Alabama and is the most abused. Local production of marijuana inside their state is declining but illegal trafficking of the drug into their state is increasing primarily from Mexico. Young people as well as adults use marijuana in Alabama; this drug is a common 'choice drug' throughout the United States.

Alabama Ecstasy Abuse and GHB Recovery

Club Drugs are abused in Alabama and commonly found in college towns on campuses and in places that students frequent like parties and raves. The use of these designer club drugs are increasing and very easy to find throughout the state. Drugs that fall into the category of designer club drugs include Ecstasy (MDMA), LSD, and GHB but Ecstasy and GHB are becoming the primary drugs of choice. Young people use these drugs socially during parties and raves because of the intense feelings they experience and they're able to party all night long.

AL Pharmaceutical & Prescription Drug Abuse

Pharmaceutical Drugs are abused in Alabama just like every other state and Vicodin abuse is a cause for concern. Prescription drugs are easily obtained through illegal websites, illegally through healthcare professionals and healthcare workers, and through doctor shopping. Many people go from one doctor to another getting multiple prescriptions for the same medications such as painkillers.

The most common pharmaceuticals that are easily obtained through methods mentioned above are Vicodin, Metadone, OxyContin, Xanax and Phentermine.

Alabama Alcohol Abuse and Treatment

Alcohol abuse is a problem in Alabama the same as any other state, there are young people as well as adults and older adults that use and misuse alcohol and many are in need of treatment for their dependency.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Alabama offer a wide range of programs in order to fit the needs of individuals seeking help for their dependency to drugs, alcohol, and gambling addiction. Treatment Facilities, Therapy and Counseling Centers are also available for those dealing with Addiction, Eating Disorders, Co-occurring Disorders and mental health issues like Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder.

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