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Brookview Methadone Treatment Center

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About Brookview Methadone Treatment Center

Frequent use of opiates like heroin and prescription drug painkillers can lead to addiction and be very difficult to stop on your own. Heroin and prescription drug addiction affects the lives of many young and older adults resulting in physical problems, psychological and emotional problems, and sometimes loss of relationships. Many people want help for their heroin or pain pill addiction but dread the symptoms and cravings they experience when they stop using them. Oxycontin, Vicodin, and morphine are some of the painkillers that are abused and eventually tolerance sets in and leads to addiction.

At Brookview Treatment Center we provide our patients with medication assisted treatment for their opiate addiction prescribing methadone to help eliminate cravings and prevent relapse during recovery. Cravings can be extremely strong during detoxification and recovery making it hard for a person to benefit from treatment provided to overcome their dependence.

We provide out patients with intensive outpatient supervised methadone treatment as well as individual and group behavioral therapy and education about addiction and relapse to help them overcome their opioid dependence during their recovery. Many of our clients also attend local 12 Step support from Narcotics Anonymous while overcoming opiate addiction receiving strength and hope from others who understand.

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