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Center For Alcohol Counseling

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About Center For Alcohol Counseling

More and more young people are experimenting with alcohol today and they're drinking at a very young age. Every year in this country there are around 5 thousand young people under the legal age of 21 that are dying as a result of alcohol.

Our Outpatient Program and Intense Counseling program is designed to help young people understand the dangers associated with alcohol. Our Counseling program consists of Intense Individual Counseling and Family counseling which are beneficial to both the client and their families. Our Group Therapy Support program is based on the 12 Steps and offers peer support and encouragement to our young clients.

There are many reasons young people experiment with alcohol and are in need of treatment. We address all areas that are specific to the client's needs which may include peer pressure, low self-esteem, problems at home, and the loss of a family member, loved one or friend. The younger a child starts experimenting with alcohol the higher their chances of becoming alcoholics later in life. The earlier comprehensive counseling and treatment is provided for our young clients the brighter and healthier their future will be.

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