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Regained Spirit Center

Gwinnett County - Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045 - (678) 735-7475

About Regained Spirit Center

We can help transform your life with our Holistic approach to drug rehabilitation. We have helped hundreds of men and women find the hope and freedom they're looking for from substance abuse and dependency. Addiction is a disease that progresses and becomes chronic if left untreated. Our Holistic approach offers healing of the mind, body and spirit bringing a healthy balance which is necessary in terms of a successful long term recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Individual Behavioral Counseling can help you recognize and change unhealthy behaviors and habits that played a role in dependency to substances that have caused pain and suffering. Group Therapy offers 12 Step Principles that empower abstinence and sobriety while helping each other remain substance free.

In order to maintain a healthy balance nutrition has to be addressed. Our Nutritionists educate our clients of the importance of a healthy balanced diet in order to regain physical health which aids in mental health. Exercise and physical activities are included in our treatment program which is extremely beneficial when healing our bodies from the effects of substance abuse. Massage therapy and acupuncture are also part of our Holistic Rehabilitation program. Healing and recovery are what's needed to successfully live a happy healthy life free from the pain of addiction.

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