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About Walton Addiction Intervention Center

MS Contin is a controlled release drug that's prescribed to treat pain but is also a drug that's abused by a lot of people. MS Contin contains morphine and is not only highly addictive but also causes serious problems if the drug is accidentally misused or intentionally abused for non-medical related reasons. We want to help people dependent on pain medications like MS Contin, Vicodin, Morphine and other prescription painkillers because without professional treatment and help, they're ruining their health and shortening their lives.

Many of our client's aren't just addicted to prescription painkillers they're also dependent on other drugs or alcohol. We realize people who have abused prescription drugs and other substances frequently for an extended period of time, need to be away from their normal environment so they can heal and focus on their recovery without negative distractions. Our inpatient addiction rehab program offers long and short term treatment for individuals 18 years of age and older who are addicted to prescription painkillers like MS Contin, Morphine, heroin and other drugs of abuse.

Through our more than 15 years of experience treating drug addiction, we have developed successful programs and services to help people overcome their drug use and go on to lead fulfilling healthy lives in the future. We're staffed with physicians, medical clinicians, addiction therapists and counselors who specialize in treating prescription drug dependency and other substance abuse issues and addictions.

We work closely with our clients and together we develop a treatment strategy that will have a positive impact on their recovery from addiction to MS Contin, Vicodin, Morphine, heroin, and other drugs. We have developed various programs to help people overcome their addiction and manage their recovery including 12 step groups.

Addiction is a powerful illness that requires inpatient care for many adult men and women today and we provide the necessary treatment people need to recover. Let us help you stop abusing drugs in order to cope with addiction and gain control of your life again.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

We provide our client's with a wide range of programs to help them safely detox and work toward their recovery which includes; Long and Short Term Residential Treatment for adult men and women (18 and older), Gender Specific Treatment Programs, Medically Supervised Detoxification, full and complete client Assessments, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Behavioral Therapies, Individual and Family Counseling, Addiction and Relapse Education, 12 Step Groups, and Aftercare Counseling.

We don't just help our clients stop using drugs... we educate our clients and help them make positive changes in their life so they don't need to abuse substances like MS Contin, Vicodin, Morphine and other street drugs. Our clients are provided with knowledge and positive healthy support so they can improve their life and continue to remain drug-free in the future.

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